Transmissions II

Transmissions II is a continuation of a piece for choir, video and electronics that was written for the Norwegian choir KorVest in Bergen 2012. In that first version the singers voices created or altered the visual parts of the piece. In Transmissions II I have further developed various simple techniques for visualizing the audio processes and sounds. Basically the visual material is created by ”viewing” the sound through different kinds of oscilloscopes. These simple interpretations are the refined through a series of image processes to create more complex relations to the music.

The music itself is composed mainly from electronic noises and signals. I wanted again to make a kind of ”raw” piece, reminiscent of another piece I did earlier called…Raw. I also wanted to place Transmissions II somewhere in between electroacoustic and noise/electronica styles. I have over the last years tried to find different ways of breaking the aesthetic barriers between classical style and more contemporary. Transmissions II is another piece in this ongoing stylistic development.