In 1999 I was contacted by the Montreal based choreographer Pierre-Paul Savoi. He invited me to work with a new dance show where I would compose music, design sound and some interactive stage actions. The piece was about ageing and loosing a long time love and partner. The dreams, the mourning, the search for a new way to live... I was very occupied with time, memories and how the human mind deals with it all, so for me it was a very interesting project. It just so happened that I also fell in love with my wife Mireille Leblanc who was dancing and singing in the show. It somehow all made sense although I was never sure how or why. Pierre-Paul had already felt in love with a number of folkloristic songs that he insisted on using in the show. So I finally ended up doing some kind of electro acoustic arrangements of traditional folk songs. In the beginning I was a bit disturbed by this but finally I enjoyed to work in this fashion and in a sense it was a great mind opener.

Pierre-Paul Savoi

Songs from Strata