Papers and lectures

I am not an academic person even though I have been teaching composition at University level for some years. The academic world does not really go well with me so I have learned by doing rather than by studying in a "classical" manner. So, no Phd, not even a Masters... Even so, I have written some papers that has been published in academic forums. For those who might be interested, a few of them can be read here.

Is the mind the limit?

Keynote speech for the 2016 ICMC conference in Haag, Netherlands on music and artificial intellegence.

A rather long lecture/paper that I wrote 2007 and presented at Universities in Buenos Aires and Köln, which was also published in some academic papers

Tendencies in electro-acoustic composition

Lecture from early 90 held at The Royal Music Academy in Stockholm. Sweden.

A short article dealing with my ideas about spatial performance from 2015

Some thoughts about how new technologies and the internet changes how we define our relation to music. 2012