The title “Krén” is a combination of the words kronos (time) and energy. These were the two formal qualities of the piece as it was conceived. It is divided into five sections that makes seamless transition into each other. This was the first time I used the “big boom” in one of my pieces. It actually came as a result of me playing with my Yamaha DX7 that I just bought and it made this pwerful, transient sound when I switched from one preset to another at some point of time. All in all the production was  a mix of digital and analogue techniques ranging from DX7, Linn drum machine, PPG synth and a PDP-15 computer, to analogue filters, mixer and multitrack tape recorder with a lot in between. Anyway,, I decided to make a formal piece with a relative time disposal of 3-2-4-1-5 sort of a fan shaped distribution of time and then to use an inverted charge of relative energy for each section. The piece ended up as one of my longer compositions with it´s 19 minutes duration. Krén received a first price in the Bourges festival in 1984 (or possibly -85).