Binaural version. Best litening in headphones

Dreaming in Darkness

What does someone who can not see dream about? What happens during sleep in a mind to which images of the world are primarily perceived through sound?

Dreaming in Darkness is an attempt to create surrealistic fragments of a blind persons dreams. The piece gradually develops from a starting point which resembles the soundtrack of a film where ambiences and situations change through the opening and closing of doors. Gradually the "representative" sounds are replaced by more abstract and musical material, displacing the character of realism towards an acoustic "in between" where the boundary between the representative and the imagined is erased.

This piece originated as an experimental collaboration with composer Natasha Barrett. We decided to compose with sounds that we would exchange with each other. The idea was to see how the compositional process is affected by not being able to choose the sounds for yourself but rather to develop a relationship based on another persons choice and preferences. For various reasons both pieces went astray from the concept. However we both ended up using sound sources from each other. In this piece the sounds from Natasha enters the stage as the piece progresses into the more abstract part of it´s development.

The piece was commissioned by GRM and realised at the GRM studios in Paris. The original format is 6.0 surround.