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14 January                Premiere of  ”Electric Birds” in Paris

10-13 March             Solo Concerts in Lille (France)

3  April                     Performance of ”Grooves ” in Montreal

1-21 April                 Creating a new commission from Musique et Recherche in Brussels

24 April                    Solo concert in Malmoe, Sweden ”Acousmatic for the people”

5 June                        Performance of ”La vie mécanique” in Barrranquilla, Colombia

7  June                       Performance of ”Grains of Voices” in Galliate, Italy

15 June                     Performance of ”Raw” in ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany

23  June                     Performance of ”La Vie Mécanique” in Corfu, Greece

26 June                      Performance of ”Raw” in Oslo, Norway

5 July                         Solo concert at Grimeton Radio transmission station (world culture heritage), Sweden

17  July                      Performance of ”Necropolis” at Montpellier festival, France

20 August                 Performance of  ”La vie mécanique” in Sofia, Bulgaria

Sept. 23 - Oct. 8        Touring in Mexico

25 September            Outdoor concert at Universidad Sor Juana Mexico City

26 September            Raindog plays late night club gig

27 September            Outdoor concert at Fonoteca, Mexico City

3  October                  Concert at CMMAS, Morelia

6  October                  Lecture at Centro Multimedia, Mexico City

November                 Composing Transmissions II comissioned by The Swedish Broadcast corporation


24  Januari                 Premiere of Transmissions II at Arts Birthday Party in Stockholm

30  January                Concert in Brest (France)

10  February              Premiere of Growl! at Léspace du Son festival in Brussels

2    March                   Concert at the music conservatory in Gothenburg

27-29 March               Premiere and performance of ”The invisible stage” dance theatre (The seventh sense)

20-25 May                  Concert and lectures at Stanford University

29 May                        Concert and release of new CD Growl! in Monaco

22-23 June                  Recording Cikada duo in Oslo for new CD release planned for spring 2016

July                             Composing new piece for Horn and electronics comissioned by Sören Hermansson

3 October                   Outdoor concert at Casa del lago, Mexico City + premiere of ”Lucid Spaces” sound installation

7-10 October              Concert and lecture at Visiones Sonoras festival in Morelia, Mexico

16-20 October            Concert and lecture during Zeppelin festival in Barcelona

16 October                  Premiere of ”Dark Harbour” for Horn and electronics during GAS festival

6 November               Receiving Red Dot design award in Berlin

6 November               Performance of ”Dark Harbour”  at Sounds of Stockholm festival


Recent and upcoming events