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Sonic Park  (1998)

is a 40 channel sound installation spread over 4000 square meters. It was designed for the Gunnebo Castle park just outside Gothenburg. The installation is divided into five parts, each covering different themes and structural parts of the French-English park structure. Around the fountain the sound of water travels in different pattern through the air. At the Apollo Hill a bunch of alien insects and other creatures are roaming around in the treetops. In the bouské´s a string quartet is playing fragments of 20th century composers like Kurtag, Ligeti, Nono and Webern while a restless spirit can be heard wandering across the gravel. In the nearby forest predator sounds are lurking while a "soundfall" is running down the hill. Finally there is a small alley filled with a kind of aeolian harp-like sound of wind drifting slowly through the leaves.