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The Sex Mass (2003)

Probably one of the most hilarious projects I was ever engaged in. The Canadian choreographer Isabelle Choiniére proposed the idea of a world wide interactive internet based hymn of sexuality. The plot was to present it in two stages. First we would do a show travelling on an open truck with two beefy oiled percussion players and a rather naked lady in a cage specially constructed with computer controlled light. The truck would also carry huge projectors pointed to the surrounding walls, showing people making love live connected to a streaming internet connection. Second part of the project would be a full dance and interactive performance...in a church! Wow! Well, we did a presentation video, which was shown to the (possible) investors, and guess what.. Still I really enjoyed being in this project and I met some really crazy and interesting people along the way. The clip from the music (no, you don´t get to see the video!) is based on some of the participants actually engaged in love making. No fakes. In fact I myself (innocent as I am) did not realise what was actually going on in the recording booth until it was too late.. and I could go on. The stories surrounding this project are endless,,,