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Rituals  (2006)

This is the final piece in a triptych for the Cikada Ensemble and Cikada Duo, the other pieces being “Mirage” and “Zeit aus Zeit”. The piece was premiered during the World Music days in Växjö, Sweden 2009. The idea behind this piece is somewhat obscure. However since in Mirage the focus being on the piano and Zeit aus Zeit being a balance act between piano and percussion Rituals put the focus on the percussion part. There is another vision involved namely the travel of a shaman from the state of consciousness of body and mind into another world and state of being. I am using sounding references to the shaman magic drum that could be used as a means of future prediction but also as a way for the shaman to enter another space and time. Consequently the first movement is the ritual leading to the leap out of the present. The two following parts being the transformations of the soul while the last part marks the return to and reconciliation  with the presence and the world as it is.

The piece was commissioned by The Swedish Broadcast Corporation


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