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Nude descending a staircase (2009)

One of the 20th centuries great artists Marcel Duchamp painted 1912 "Nude Descending a Staircase no. 2". The image, inspired by the photographic surveys of continuous movement which were common at the turn of the century, shows a naked woman walking down a staircase in the futuristic/cubist style. I had worked for a time with a new piece for The Gageego Ensemble and was stuck in the search for a consistent formal idea when I for some reason realised that there was a downward, falling tendency in most of what I had written so far. I was reminded of Duchamp´s painting in which the motion does not seem to have a clear beginning or end but rather a perpetual downwards direction. This constant descending seemed consistent with the trend of what I had written and I decided to refine this in a way in which the correspondence between image and music became as clear as possible. It is the first (and probably last) time that I try to "reproduce" a two-dimensional image in the formal and conceptual canvas of time where music is painted

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download score and parts below

Simulated version