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This evening was really kind of magic. In the end the whole (almost) audience was up dancing on stage...in an electro acoustic concert! Could probably only happen in Latin America. The last piece in the concert that actually triggered the event was originally conceived as a collaboration with Anders Blomqvist. Actually the last joint venture we made together (up until this date). It was created for the first emission of Arts Birthday 2006, a euro collaboration between several broadcasting companies. Anyway, it is kind of a celebration of the grand old 60-ties. Two classic pieces of sound poetry are merged and transformed. ”Come out” by Steve Reich and ”Junk is no good baby” by the Brittish/american painter and sound poet Bryon Gysin. Not being overly respectful to the original works we turned it into an updated  electro-groove interpretation. We had already done a live version of ”Come out” so this was simply a ”natrual” development. This is a long clip (18 minutes) so if you want the groovy part skip towards the end...