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I think You - You think Me (2000)

I think You — You think Me permits visitors to create relationships between real and virtual personalities.

Two virtual beings, Robert and Roberta, are having a conversation. They are virtual in the sense that they are only present in the room through their faces which appear on two computer screens while their voices emanate from loudspeakers. One might say that the “real” life of these virtual beings then exists as bit-streams in the inner organs of the computers. Sensors permit Robert and Roberta to become aware of the

movement and presence of real human beings in the room. When this happens, they speak directly to the visitors. However when no one is in the room, they fall asleep and snore loudly. Through this set-up, visitors can join in and thereby extend Robert´s and Roberta´s relationship to themselves through a series of questions and demands that are addressed to them.

In doing so they enter into the ongoing discussion between Robert and Roberta and become involved in their world. One might ask: “Have we thought them up or have

they thought us up?”