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Ellipse 1993

This film was inspired by the very special nature surrounding the west coast of Denmark, once a stronghold for the German invaders during the second world war. The force of the sea and one of the seasonal storms arriving was a starting point for the dramaturgy of this short film (as I remember it). I was about to compose a piece for the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and I was fairly lost to say the least. I had been trying for a couple of years to find a decent concept and failed mercilessly. I saw this as a great opportunity at least to test my sense of instrumentation as well as following a dramatic line. My aim with the film as well as the forthcoming piece was to create a sense of drama in relation to forgetfulness (well the film as you may notice does possess a certain development) and so it became both a piece of film music as well as a pre study of ”AfterImage”

directed by Dan Säll