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Bows, Arcs & the arrow of Time  (2006)

"Bows, Arcs and the Arrow of Time" was commissioned by the Swedish string orchestra Musica Vitae as part of a project of scoring new music for old films. I was however not particularly interested in repeating this rather exploited concept, so instead I proposed to make a new visual interpretation as a composed part of the piece. I filmed the musicians of the orchestra during rehearsals since I wanted the video to reflect the relation between the body and the interpretation of music. I finally ended up using almost only images of the musicians eyes and their instruments. These images were then digitised and processed much in the same way as I use digital transformations of "real" sounds in my electro-acoustic compositions. I tried to think of the visual elements both as images and at the same time musical constructions that would create a counterpoint in terms of gestures, repetitions and rhythm in relation to the music. There is also a theme of falling in the end of the composition. This is a theme that I have explored in other visual compositions as well. There is something both magic and tragic in this gravitational direction that implies both the decay of life as well as the immutable movement of the universe towards a state of cold darkness where all energy has been equally distributed across time and space


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