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Age Unknown

”Age unknown” is a film about the search for the fountain of youth with the aid of biochemical

substances. A substance has been traced that can be extracted from the human brain and that when injected can stop or even reverse the ageing process. Of course this leads to disastrous consequences. In the scene where this music is heard, human brain tissue (presumably from a murdered Brazilian street child) is flown in with a helicopter and then transported to a laboratory for production of the anti ageing drug. The vocal part is sung by my son who was 11 years old at the time and had a beautiful soprano. The basic melodic theme is from a very known tarantula dance that my mother used to play when I was a small boy. It is said that if you get the venom of a tarantula in your blood only this dance can force it out again. I used this melodic theme in various transformations as the lead theme of the film.

directed by Rickard Hobert